Meet the Mind Behind Sweet 4 All

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With a father in the food production industry and a mother who is a doctor, Olya’s passion to make healthy candy for people just makes sense. Working with her mother researching the impact of blood sugar levels on overall health, they realized all fiber is not equal. Some fiber even affects blood sugar levels more than consuming sugar!

Olya has a sweet tooth herself, and wanted to find a healthy way for people to enjoy the little things in life — like having some candy — without worrying about the effects of sugar or artificial sweeteners. 

After working with a biochemist to discover all the right ingredients that won’t affect blood sugar and are easy on the stomach, Olya decided to launch her own all natural, sugar-free candy company. Now at Sweet 4 All, she gets to work every day to produce candy that’s a healthy option for anyone, including people with diabetes or hypoglycemia and even folks just wanting to beat their sugar addiction.